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The data cable of the mobile phone has the data cable and the charge cable.

Function difference

Charging cable: as the name implies, only charging the mobile phone

Data line: in addition to the ability to charge, it can also allow a cell phone to connect the computer to data;

Summary: the cell phone charge cable can only be charged without data transmission; and the phone data cable can both charge and data transmission.

Structure difference

Because of the different structure, there is a distinction between function. First look at the core, the inner core of the wire consists of various wires, and their functions are different.

Red cable: power cathode (marked as +5V or VCC);

The green cable: positive voltage data cable (denoted as Data+ or USB + Port);

White cable: negative voltage data cable (marked as Data- or USB Port -);

Black cable: grounding (marked as GROUND or GND).

These are all needed to be removed inside the data cable to be seen, as follows:

Look again, the USB male head (that is, the data cable connected to the computer's head). From left to right, you can see 4 touches.

Earthing line: a black wire, usually called a zero line.

Read the data cable: the green wire, which is the signal out of the cable, can be understood as the signal output;

Write the data line: the white wire, the signal into the cable, can be understood as the signal input;

Power cathode: a red wire, or a +5V line.

It should be clear to see here. Two of the middle part is to read and write data cables. It is precisely because of these two lines, data cables that enable mobile phones to connect to computers for data transmission.

Now you know why some cables can only be charged instead of data when using data cables?

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